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Past Transactions

Larry Ward led the private equity transactions for the companies listed below and served as a director of each company.
Returns on realized investments to date have been 2.7X invested capital.

  American Asphalt & Grading   Bucyrus International  
  Residential and commercial foundation contractor   Manufacturer of large surface mining equipment  
  Day International   Easco Aluminum  
  Manufacturer of consumable supplies for offset printing industry   Manufacturer of soft alloy aluminum extruded shapes  
  Gold Canyon Mining and Construction   Great Lakes Carbon Company  
  Provider of hard rock mining infrastructure and contract mining services   Supplier of calcined petroleum coke to aluminum industry  
  Katzkin Leather Interiors   Plantronics  
  Manufacturer of aftermarket automotive leather interiors   Manufacturer of lightweight telephone headsets  
  Precision Components Group   SCS Refrigerated Services  
  Manufacturer of precision machine parts and sub-systems for aerospace and high technology OEMs   Public refrigerated warehouse chain in Seattle - Tacoma metropolitan area  
  Stanadyne International   Sweetheart Cup Company  
  Manufacturer of precision machined components for suppliers of OEM diesel engines   Manufacturer of paper and plastic disposable foodservice items  
  Switchcraft   Total Automated Systems  
  Manufacturer of specialty electronic connectors and cable assemblies   Manufacturer of test and measurement systems and automated manufacturing systems  
  Camden Wire   Dayton Malleable  
  Manufacturer of copper wire and cable   Manufacturer of steel and aluminum castings  
  International Multifoods   Instrumentation Laboratory  
  Consumer and industrial food products   Medical instrumentation and reagents  
  John Fluke Manufacturing   Oneida Ltd  
  Electronic test and measurement systems   Sterling silver and stainless flatware / china  
  Pillsbury Company   Precision Castparts  
  Consumer and industrial foods / quick service restaurants   Large aerospace investment castings  
  Raymond Engineering   S M Flickinger  
  Specialty construction and engineering services   Wholesale food distribution  
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